Thomas Trowbridge II

Born: 1598-02-08 (Taunton, Somerset, England) - Died: 1672-02-07 (Taunton, Somerset, England)

Father: John Trowbridge II

Mother: Agnes Prowse

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Children: Biography and Notes:

The Trowbridges first arrived in America in 1636 when Thomas Trowbridge, a woolen merchant from Taunton, England, and his family settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay colony. Finding the political and religious climate intolerant, he moved his family to New Haven, Connecticut Colony a few years later.

Following the death of his wife, Elizabeth Marshall, Thomas returned to England in the 1640s. He would later participate in the English Civil War, on the side of the Parliamentary forces known as the "Roundheads" against King Charles I of England.

He left his sons Thomas, James, and William behind, who started one of the earliest families to settle New England.

When Rev. F.W. Chapman published his Trowbridge genealogy in 1872, he believed that Thomas was the son of Edmund Trowbridge, son of John of Hutton (d.1575). This theory was supplanted by the discovery of the will of John Trowbridge of Taunton (d.1649) in 1908; which, along with the will of Thomas's son John (1629-53), conclusively proved Thomas's parentage, as given in Francis Bacon's genealogy.

Thomas is a direct descendant of Charlemagne The Great (742-814) through his mother's line. Thomas's own descendants include actress and model Cindy Crawford, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Ernest Hemmingway, and US President Rutherford B. Hayes. Source